The Netherlands, a fish nation

The Netherlands and fish are intrinsically linked. The trade in fish has its roots in the Middle Ages when it became the cornerstone for the Dutch wealth.

The Dutch fishing Industry of today

Nowadays The Dutch fleet weekly lands a wide variety of fresh fish at the eleven fish auctions in The Netherlands. A worldwide renowned production of  Crustaceans and a growing fish farming industry completes the total supply in the country.  The assortment is accomplemented with imported fish consisting of other varieties and exotic species.

A mayor player in in fish processing

The Netherlands is a mayor player in fish processing. There are about 300 companies specialised in fish processing in our country. The processing of flatfish and typical Dutch delicacies like herring and crustaceans , take up about half of the total revenue. The industry pays a lot of attention to quality and maintaining the highest possible standards. This is partly achieved by keeping the products chilled from ship to shop.

A modern fleet

Did you know that the Dutch fleet is regarded as being one of the most modern examples? The cutterfleet consists of about 400 cutters and fishes mainly on plaice and sole. A number of smaller cutters fish for shrimp and the inland fishermen fish for sweet water species. The Netherlands has, in addition to the cutterfleet, 17 freezetrawlers and almost 80 musselships. The whole industry is making an ongoing effort to innovate which helps in making it more sustainable and keeps the fish stocks healthy.  Both the fishloving consumer and fishing industry  will benefit from these measures.  This way we can make sure that future generations will also be able to enjoy a Northsea with plenty of fish. The fishermen will still have job in the future and the consumer will be able to enjoy fresh and delicious fish.