Ouwehand Visverwerking B.V.

Postbus 3033
2220 CA Katwijk
tel.: +31 (0) 714 051 111
fax.: +31 (0) 714 051 148

mail: info@ouwehand.com
website: http://www.openseas.nl

Contact (export): Bas Dubbeldam sales manager
Contact (import): Henrik Houwaard purchaser

Specialized in:
Alaska pollack, Matje herring, Sardine, Cod, Blue whiting, Cod roe, Horse mackerel, Herring roe
Transportation by:
airplane, container, ship, truck/lorry
Frequency of transportation:
Distribution channel:
bulk, fastfood chains, processing, retail
block frozen, breaded, filleted, frozen, i.q.f., marinated, portion control, prefried, salted, smoked, value added products
according to customers request, box, catering, export carton, vacuum pack