Fieret's Vishandel Oostburg B.V.

Industrieweg 13
4501 PM Oostburg
tel.: +31 (0) 117 453 551
fax.: +31 (0) 117 454 128


Contact (export): Mr. C. Fieret (Managing Director)
Contact (import): Mr. C. Fieret (Managing Director)

Specialized in:
Pangasius, Mackerel, Sole, Sardine, Salted fish, Salmon trout, Salmon, Redfish
Transportation by:
airplane, container, ship, truck/lorry
Frequency of transportation:
several times a week
Distribution channel:
bulk, fastfood chains, processing, retail, wholesale
block frozen, filleted, fresh, frozen, ready to cook, salted, smoked, steamed, value added products
according to customers request, airfreight (leek-proof), box, catering, expanded polystyrene, export carton, industry, modified atmosphere packing (MAP), plastic container, polybag, polystyrene, vacuum pack