Culimer B.V.

Linatebaan 75
3045 AH Rotterdam
tel.: +31 (0) 104 532 050
fax.: +31 (0) 104 529 055


Contact (export): Mr. B.J.G. Govaert (Sales Manager)
Contact (import): Mr. M. Brugman (Managing Director)

Specialized in:
Pangasius, Octopus, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Prawn, Snow crab, Snapper, Sashimi
Transportation by:
airplane, container, ship, truck/lorry
Frequency of transportation:
several times a week
Distribution channel:
fastfood chains, retail, wholesale
block frozen, breaded, filleted, frozen, i.q.f., portion control, prefried, ready to cook, smoked, value added products
according to customers request, box, catering, export carton, tray, vacuum pack