Sea Frozen B.V.

Urkerweg 58
8322 NB Urk
tel.: (0)527 820201
fax.: (0)527 308299


Contact (export): Harco Bode, Arjan van Eerde, Bertus Zelhorst, Marc Lauber, Maarten van de Beek, Andrey Zubar, Margarita Gurianova and Heleen Berends IMPORT: Bertus Zelhorst, Margarita Gurianova, Heleen Berends and Andrey Zubar
Contact (import): Feddo Veenstra Managing Director

Specialized in:
Alaska pollack, Plaice, Sole, Saithe, Cod, Haddock, Flounder, Dab
Transportation by:
container, ship, truck/lorry
Frequency of transportation:
daily, several times a week, weekly
Distribution channel:
bulk, processing, wholesale
breaded, filleted, frozen, i.q.f., salted, value added products
according to customers request