Koninklijke Prins & Dingemanse

Postbus 63
4400 AB Yerseke
tel.: +31 (0) 113 572 910
fax.: +31 (0) 113 571 717

mail: info@prinsendingemanse.com
website: http://www.prinsendingemanse.com

Contact (export): Mrs. Marin van den Berge Sales
Contact (import): Mr. Hessel Hamelink Purchaser

Specialized in:
Periwinkle, Oyster, Lobster, Seafood cocktail, Cockle, Blue Mussel, Whelk
Transportation by:
airplane, truck/lorry
Frequency of transportation:
several times a week
Distribution channel:
bulk, fastfood chains, processing, retail, wholesale
alive, fresh, frozen, i.q.f., marinated, preserved, ready to cook, value added products
airfreight (leek-proof), can, catering, jar, modified atmosphere packing (MAP), polybag, sack, tin, tray